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Get hired as a Fire Equipment Officer for a company that executes many construction and maintenance activities in the Oil & Gas sector. They have won many state-owned projects in Kuwait and pursuing experienced Firefighters to join their unit of 25 firefighters for a restoration of a new refinery project. You can weigh up the reasons to move to Kuwait by viewing the Expat allowances that include food, travel and accommodation for the entire contract period of two years.

As a preferred candidate, you will remain engaged in industrial firefighting wherein you need to exercise and operate fire department communications equipment, relay, and record information.

To accelerate your consideration for this job role, you ought to have all the required licenses and affix the certification copies with your resume.

  • You will have to deploy, energize, monitor, recognize and correct the system or equipment problems;
  • On an assigned shift, you have to maneuver all types of heavy and light vehicles, appliances, trucks and trailers to fires/standby locations or any disaster area;
  • At all times, you should ensure control of the transport while accelerating, decelerating, and turning, given road, weather, and traffic conditions; willing to perform under adverse environmental or driving surface conditions, also use automotive gauges and controls;
  • For this job role, you will undertake the functioning of the apparatus equipped with Fire pump, Aerial device, Mobile water supply, and oversee their maintenance;
  • You are capable of deploying portable water tanks as well as the equipment necessary to transfer water between and draft from them, make hydrant to-pumper hose connections for forward and reverse lays, connect supply hose to a hydrant, and fully open and close the hydrant;
  • As an experienced Fire Equipment Operator, you have the proficiency of placing a fire department pumper to operate at a fire hydrant and a static water source, power transfer from the vehicle engine to pump, draft, manage pumper pressure control systems;
  • You possess the efficacy or handiness to determine the correct position for the apparatus, maneuver the device into that position, and avoid obstacles to operations;
  • Other ancillary tasks for this position include you successfully conducting the volume/pressure transfer valve (multistage pumps only), operate auxiliary cooling systems, make the transition between internal and external water sources, and assemble hose lines, nozzles, valves, and appliances;
  • Depending on the situation, you must assure the use of passenger restraint devices on-site in addition to following safe distances;
  • As a member of firefighting, salvage, rescue and standby crew, day and night; you will carry out routine maintenance; clean up and servicing these appliances and their associated pumps/equipment as necessary;
  • Lastly, you mitigate risks, fights fire, and conducts rescue operations in the company areas.


  • The opening demands the aspirant to have at least five years of experience as an FEO / Driver Engineer after certificate completion;
  • To qualify for this job role, you must meet the minimum physical fitness abilities as per NFPA 1582;
  • You must have completed the necessary certifications such as IFSAC/ Pro-Boards Certification, (or Equivalent JOIFF certification), Firefighter II (Advanced Exterior, Interior Structural), Rope Rescue II, Confined Space Rescue II, Haz-Mat Responder - Technician, Driver/Operator - Pumper, Aerial, Mobile Water Supply and appended those transcripts with your resume.;
  • This position insists upon you having a valid international driving license with an acceptable driving record.


  • You are an effective decision maker with a prudent sense to recognize risks and when to save the squad if in jeopardy;
  • Capacity to act with agility and save probable victims using rope and vehicle rescue approach;
  • You must demonstrate competency in the driving seat while running heavy vehicles and can partake in arduous jobs that involve extensive running, climbing, kneeling, lifting of heavyweights (over 50 pounds) and other similar activities;
  • The vacancy requires you to remain agile and judicious under challenging environment and emergency;
  • It is essential to have familiarity and usability of the apparatus equipped with Fire pump, Aerial device or Mobile water supply;
  • This vacancy insists upon you to have some proven experience or illustrate any notable firefighting projects in your career;
  • You respect cultural differences or have cross-culture sensitivity plus bring in a global viewpoint;
  • You hone skills to accomplish independent as well as collaborative tasks professionally with a valid judgement and committed at all times.


You can gain multinational/international exposure and work in a diverse environment accompanied by a well-paying relocation package of USD 6500/ KWD 2000 by pursuing your career with one of the leading maintenance companies in the Oil & Gas sector.

Our relocation package/privileges:

  • We offer a commercial visa/work permit during the contract period in Kuwait;
  • At every step, we give assistance and guidance on current COVID-19 medical clearance procedures to relocate to Kuwait;
  • You can reap the benefits of a 100% tax-free salary and swiftly save money.
  • Secure your private medical insurance at no cost with transparency on plan coverage.

Lessened cost with a better standard of living:

  • Support food and service furnished accommodation with dining facility to make your stay comfortable during your job tenure;
  • A dedicated travel desk to manage your travel entry and departure procedures to/from Kuwait (hassle-free relocation);
  • Provide daily transport services to and fro from site to accommodation.
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